Since 1998 National Nurse Testing, in association with Hollins University has helped over 13,739 professionals achieve their dreams of passing the Nursing Entrance Test. We offer realistic, comprehensive and affordable software simulators to pass the entrance test for nurses. Our preparation software product has been updated for 2011, includes the largest question bank available and is backed by our exam pass money back guarantee.

Learn MoreExam Simulation Software Features:

  • Question Content Based only on Health Education Systems, Inc Requirements.
  • Includes 3,000 total, unique questions, the largest database of realistic questions available. Questions are Situational and Complex. No Easy Questions, NO True/False Questions, NO Questions outside of offical Content Outlines.
  • Exam Question Breakdown:
    Our math and English questions are medical related adding valuable relevent practice.
    Math: (Medical Topics) Conversion, decimals, Fractions, formulas, ratios.
    Reading Comprehension
    English: (Medical Topics) grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation.
    Science: biology, chemistry, A&P, physical principles, and general science.
  • 170 Questions Per Exam Set. Software displays questions in sets of 170, just like the real exam. Each question is unique, questions are comprehensive and evenly cover all material to be tested.
  • Two Timers®" with on/off functions! You have a choice of a "per question" timer (1.22 minutes per question) to track your time usage per question and a "per exam" timer (209 minutes per exam) which displays time left for the entire exam. Learn to manage your exam time.
  • Answer Display Functions. Option to Display the answers after each question or all answers at the end of the exam. Real time practice exam results help reduce study time and effort. See Screenshots.
  • Mark for Review Feature. Not sure about an answer? Don't let it take up all your time. Use "Mark for review" (skip it) and it will display again at the end of the exam so you can try again.
  • Questions Randomize / Or Show in the same order each time. Questions will show in a different order each time you start an exam. So you wont get familiar with the question order. Set in the options screen how you want the questions to show.
  • Explanations: The rationale of the correct answer is explained to help you understand why the answer is correct.
  • Results Review. When you have completed the exam your percentage score will be calculated with a score of 70% correct required to pass.
  • Development. Developed by a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, board members, instructors, students, consultants, programmers, editors and project managers whom have a combined total of 163 years of experience. The question development and programming itself took over 22 months to develop. Members writing, revising, editing questions. Programmers adding each question, answer and explanation into the program, ensuring it works and testing it.
  • Print. Print out your results showing the questions, choices and correct answer for study on the go.
  • Not Online only. This software installs on your computer, and conveniently runs as a program. No internet connection required to access exams.
  • The program NEVER expires or becomes limited in any way. Be careful of other simulators with 3-6 month use time, which become unusable after your use time expires. Our program is yours to keep forever, it never expires.
  • No tricky or complex licensing issues. Students are allowed to install on multiple computers (laptop,home,work,etc) for their own study purposes only.
  • Accelerate your learning curve! You can pass the exam with minimal study time and effort. Days or Weeks instead of Months! You are strategically laser targeting your study efforts by studying in the exact way questions will be presented on the exam.

Money Back Guaranteed! If you do not pass the exam, simply return the program for a full refund of your purchase price.

List Price: $89.95
Price: $69.95
You Save: $20.00 (22%)
$5.44 Shipping and Handling Included

USPS Priority mail shipping is included. Usually: $5.44
All orders placed before 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) will be shipped the same day.
Orders placed after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends will be Shipped the next business day.
USPS mail takes 3-4 days to arrive to your door.
Tracking number will be emailed to your email address assigned to PayPal.
Email: Customer Service if you have any questions.

Software is 1 CDROM, which auto installs onto your computer when the disc is inserted. Case and front artwork included. Program is Not Compatible with MAC. Program Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

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"Thank you for the program, it was very helpful to me. I needed as many practice questions as possible because im never good at tests, just what I needed."
Arthur Campbell

"I have passed my exam using the program. I received my order quickly and had no problems. My study plan consisted of going through every single question and trying to understand the reasoning behind the answer."
Maria Quevedo

"My experience using your software has been positive. I do agree that when you compare the amount of questions and features included to the price, it was worth it."
Sianny Machata

"I used the official book to study along with your software. Studying through the book and then using the practice questions in this program I know was key to my passing with a high score. The questions included are more complicated than the few questions included in the offical guidebook but Im not complaining."
Matthew Ebrahimi

"Thanks for the effort and work put into developing this study system. Practing alot of questions on the computer saved me alot of time."
Carolina Jackisch

"The product arrived in a timely manner and was as described. Questions were good. No problems."
Trent Wagner

"Besides the book it is difficult to find good practice questions for the test. I enjoyed this software because it combined good practice questions into a computer based format. 3000 questions is alot, when I finished I knew I could pass easily."
Cheryl Abendroth

"After using the software I felt very prepared to take the test. I was still nervous going in because Im not a very good test taker, the end result was that I did pass my test by a very high margin."
Gregory Imhoff

"I recommend this software to those preparing for the test. I liked the questions, some were hard, but much better that what else I have seen as samples, thank you for this."
Joycelynn Gilbertson

"Yes I was able to pass my test, your recommendation of going deeper on questions I got wrong was helpful. I just googled terms I didnt know, especially science and that helped me understand the information better."
Katie Ausman

"I like the features and questions included in this software thank you for you and your staffs hard work."
Andreee Yonkoski

"It was especially helpful to go over problems after studying reading materials such as a exam review book. When I used this together with a study book, thats when I feel i got the most out of my study sessions. Overall, good."
Wan Wan Lau

"I enjoyed using and preparing for the exam this way, I can only recommend this as a good resource to study for the Exam."
Veronica Pacquette